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Phase II:
Improving Math & Science Teaching through School Outreach
A South Carolina Math-Science Partnerships Project
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William Veal Ph.D., College of Charleston Department of Teacher Education

  John Peters Ph.D, College of Charleston Department of Biology

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The College of Charleston in partnership with select public and private schools from three school districts (Georgetown, Charleston, Berkeley) have developed Phase 2 of a professional development project to strengthen content and pedagogical knowledge of middle and high school science and mathematics teachers.  Phase 2 of this project will continue to incorporate strategies deployed the Phase I project (2009-2012), but will build on its successful components by working more closely with individual and vertically aligned schools within each district. The primary projects goals are to:
  • Expand the content and pedagogical content knowledge of science and mathematics teachers at partnering schools by providing on-going professional development and instructional coaching. 

  • Develop Project Management Teams comprised of science and math lead teachers, school principals and MSP CofC Education Department faculty who will identify and target grade-specific learning needs within and across vertically aligned schools, and coordinate the development of on-going professional development and instructional coaching and project assessment.

  • Provide scholarships for teachers to pursue advanced coursework in science and math at the College of Charleston through our Masters of Education in Science and Math Program. These courses, offered during the summer, will help the project teams to align the course contents/strategies to the needs of the schools and partners. Content and pedagogy taught during the academic year PD workshops will be integrated into more specific and detailed content courses at the College of Charleston. The College of Charleston’s MEd. Program in Science and Math, was established as a collaborative project between the School of Science & Math and the School of Education, Health and Human Performance. It is one of the few Masters level programs in the country in which educational theory-based instructional practices are integrated into math/science content courses. 
  • Work with schools and school districts to help teachers to incorporate technologies in the classroom that will allow students to conduct scientific and mathematical explorations using the latest equipment - Vernier Data Loggers, sensors and molecular biology equipment.  This equipment is available on-loan to partnering schools through the MSP program.